Vibrant market scene: people in traditional attire, some with head coverings, bustling outdoors.
Crowded outdoor scene: people in colorful traditional attire, head coverings, at market or gathering.
Colourful scene: people in diverse traditional dress, head coverings, bustling market.
Colorful scene: people in traditional attire, many with head coverings, bustling market.

A vast, global network of experts collaborated for two years to prioritise a set of metrics that create an impact assessment framework for global health R&D.

We are pleased to make this available to the whole sector, to make the case for investment and to create impact statements. The framework covers eight impact measurement domains. Each of these domains has a menu of indicators, intended to provide a flexible range of options which can be selected according to different assessment approaches.

The global health R&D impact framework

8 impact measurement domains. Each domain has a menu of indicators to choose from. Each domain has a factsheet covering:

  • Definition
  • Importance
  • Qualitative and equity considerations
  • Feasibility
  • Data availability
  • Examples of how it could be used
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    The Global Health R&D Impact Framework Diagram