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Investing in global health R&D pays off. It yields a high health and economic return to society.

Explore our breakthrough impact report which reveals the return on investment in R&D over the past two decades and modelled to 2040. For every dollar spent, there is a societal return of $405. This is not just a good case for investment, but an outstanding one.

These insights show us the huge economic and societal gains achieved by global health R&D and we call the sector to action to ensure these benefits are felt.

Healthcare worker in mask and hair cap examining masked child seated outdoors.Healthcare worker in mask and hair cap examining masked child seated outdoors.

Impact Report

We have made this milestone analysis easy to engage with and digest.

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Our spotlights

Our spotlights summarise our data to offer insights into a specific disease or topic

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Our spotlight on approved products since 1999 highlights the gamechangers that have revolutionised treatment.

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Gloved hands using a glass slide to collect a blood sample from a pricked finger.​


Our spotlight on the investment in and benefits of R&D to tackle malaria.

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Healthcare worker in protective gear administering vaccine to man with rolled-up sleeve.


Our spotlight on the evolution of TB innovation.

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Calls to action

Now is the time for sustained and committed effort across the sector to make the most of these remarkable gains.

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