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​What investment has there been in global health R&D over the last 20 years, and what are the results?

The link between investment and impact is difficult to track but essential to know.

These datasets allow us to generate detailed insights on the state of global health R&D. They provide comprehensive coverage of the historical funding landscape and now also of approved products since 1999 and active candidates in the pipeline.

We have gathered the evidence necessary to measure the success of approved products to date such a lives saved, as well as the prospective impact of new technologies expected to launch in the future.

These health outcomes have been translated into social and economic impacts which has, for the first time, allowed us to calculate with confidence the return on investment in R&D.

Take a look at the data which reveals the link between investment and impact.

Map of South America with a dice showing "Zika," "MERS," and "SARS" on Brazil, symbolizing disease spread.

G-FINDER Funding Data

We analysed funding levels by product type and disease area from 1994-2022 using the G-FINDER data.

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Infectious Disease R&D Tracker

We compiled a comprehensive dataset of approved products that have been released since 1999, together with the candidates in the pipeline for a range of global health conditions.

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Impact modelling

We calculated economic impact and return on investment by first modelling the health impacts of innovations now and in the future. If you're interested in seeing the underlying data, please get in touch.

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