Investment in research to tackle neglected diseases has fallen since the pandemic. And yet the success of global health R&D over the past 20 years is a resounding one.

In breakthrough work, we analyse the impact of global health R&D, showing the return on investment in health and economic terms for the first time. We look at the gamechangers over the last two decades and model the future returns of health innovations which transform the health and economic outlook for vulnerable populations.

Join us to examine the evidence and explore the way ahead.

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Explore the landscape of investment and innovation

We gathered new product and pipeline data and leveraged historical funding data to enable rich, in-depth impact evaluation.

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Understand the significant returns on investment

We modelled the health, economic and social impact of 20 years of investment in global health R&D.

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Use a framework of impact indicators

Our collaborative group agreed on a framework for assessing the impact of global health R&D now and in the future.

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African Population and Health Research Center, Avenir Health, Center for Global Development, Innovative Medicines Accelerator – Stanford University, and an Expert Advisory Group from across the global health sector.